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The past and present story of handmade silk carpet

The past and present story of handmade silk carpet

Speaking of handmade silk carpets, we have to talk about silk.Silk comes from cocoons. Each cocoon is made from a continuous strand of silk 300 to 900 meters (1,000 to 3,000 feet) long.It is said that the technology of silkworm reeling was invented by lei zu, the wife of the yellow emperor in the three emperors and five emperors, and after the

northern zhou dynasty, she became a silkworm god.

A traditional silk reeling process involves placing the cocoons in a hot soup pot, spinning them by hand and winding them over a frame.A hand - cooked worker removes the silk completely from the cocoon and reattaches it when it is finest.Only in this way the natural characteristics of thin silk can be maintained in the process of textile.Silk is very fine, It will be accidentally broken off , if the weight of the specified length in finished products once go beyond the limit, then the grade of raw silk skein will be reduced.

When I was a teenager, a sister of my family worked in a silk factory. For the first three months, I could hear her "wailing" every day after work, so I knew that the raw silk she was hunting was overweight.Our hand-made silk carpets have a maximum density of 1000 lines, and they are made of silk threads half the thickness of human hair.In order to give consideration to the quality and artistic value of this kind of high-density carpet, the most high-quality raw silk is used in the production process for it.The silkworm that our country raises artificially now has more than 10 kinds, but the silk raw material that only used for handmade real silk carpet has got two kinds, mulberry silk and tussah silk.

These two kinds of silk have the same composition, and the human body's keratin and collagen are both proteins.All contain 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body.Silk not only can be the material made for silk dress , but also is the raw material of artificial blood vessels, and the human body has excellent compatibility, mulberry silk artificial blood vessels in the body does not cause allergies or carcinogenic effect, also can be connected to the living flesh, grow up just like true blood vessels of the outer and inner wall of silk hygroscopicity was 1.5 times than that of cotton, wool, 1.8 times, can keep skin's moisture balance.Silk is made of silk glue (pure natural, spit by the baby) wrapped in two single silk, so silk has a good heat resistance, insulation and flame retardant.In front of strong acid and alkali resistance, tussah silk is wearproof.

mulberry silk is smooth and soft, rich burnish silk is exquisite.Therefore, we have a collection of high density wall tapestries and part of the carpet silk production.This kind of carpet pattern is exquisite, clear and colorful.

Tussah silk feel soft and full of elasticity, therefore, 120lines density carpets, we made with Chinese traditional pattern ,modern new Chinese pattern using tussah silk multiply yarn, this type of carpet colors select Meranti colour scheme, comfortable,matching with Chinese furniture, consistent style, complement each other.As to Collocation of Europe type deco, It's a good mix of modernity and tradition.

Ok, that's all for today.Next lecture, let's talk about the carpet making process.